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People with an authoritative professional project management qualification are in a better position to convince their superiors or new employers that they can help the enterprise solve complex problems in project management effectively. So there is a trend to professionalize project management. As a result, project management courses are becoming more and more attractive in Hong Kong. Full story >>
There is a famous advertising commentary of Japanese Yamaha company: kids who learn music will not act badly. There are many advantages of learning music, such as developing the right brain, developing auditory and sight sense, gaining confidence, enhancing abilities to overcome difficulties, improving patience etc. Nowadays, parents love to send their kids to learn music. This is of course a good phenomenon. But parents should do some research beforehand to make the best choice for their kids. Parents should never simply follow the trend. The following will introduce various aspects of music enlightenment in detail, so that we can not only recharge your battery, but also cheer up your children. Full story >>
We all know what to do to get ahead – work hard, meet your deadlines, compliment your boss on his new tie and get to work early. However, the economy might not be to blame if you are stalling on the career ladder. Without noticing it, you could stifle your creativity, give off the negative vibes that make people walk the long way to get to the bathrooms and sabotage your chances of promotion. And even the most successful business people were once guilty of doing the exact opposite of what takes them to get ahead. If they can make it to the top and buy a private jet, maybe you can too. Full story >>

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